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Don't take my word for it.


“It was our first time working with Bellucci Productions and the process was excellent from start to finish.  Jarett is a first-class creative storyteller who took our original vision and, in his own words, “pitched a wild card” when transforming it into reality.  The finished product exceeded expectation and captured the essence of our company in unique ways that drive successful results.  Jarett is a reliable, innovative, enthusiastic and personable collaborator. I highly recommend Bellucci Productions as a valued asset for any project.”

                                                                             Christopher Vitale, Senior Vice President of Marketing Slomin’s

“It captures the spirit of the brand and generates interest in trial usage.

Jarett Bellucci's work is both highly creative and eminently practical."

                                                                                       — Bruce Rogers, VP Marketing Forbes


“As someone with years of experience working with creatives across every production and media genre, I can unequivocally say that Jarett is in a class of his own. He brings everything you’d want from a director to a project – vision, style, sensibility, creativity, honesty, a collaborative, solutions-based approach. He is a powerful storyteller who knows how to tap [deeply] into the viewer’s emotions to deliver the message. BUT, most important, he listens AND he’s fun to work with --- spending 12 (often grueling) hours a day on a shoot can work anyone’s last nerve.... except for Jarett’s. Hire him, you’ll see.                                                                       


                                                                                      — Judy Miszner, The Village Voice


"Jarett has directed, edited and produced more spots with me than I can count, and every single one of them were a tremendous success. I've never met another director who has such an ability to switch gears, be creative in multiple industries and constantly find ways to improve an idea. Jarett is a great guy and an even better director. Not only do I look forward to continuing to work with him for decades to come, but I also can't wait to see what he creates next."


                                                                                       — Brian Cristiano, CEO, BOLD Worldwide


“Jarett Bellucci is an extremely talented filmmaker. I'm constantly impressed with his original ideas, his drive & ambition. To top it off, he's a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend him highly for any project."


                                                                                    — Vivek Tiwary, Tony Award Winning Producer  - Jagged Little Pill     


"In all my years as head of my agency have I never worked with a better director. His ability to understand the vision and make it a reality are exceptional. He's easy going fun personality reminds us why we are in this industry in the first place."


                                                                                       — Mike Petersen, Founder, 50,000Feet Agency


"His ability to cross his own creativity with the client’s specific needs, is his genius. He works with real people better than anyone I know. He can make emotions come to life just by the way he engages the interviewee. He is a relentless perfectionist. I would give my personal guarantee that Jarett would over exceed your expectations for your upcoming project."


                                                                                     — Frank Mosca, Exec Producer Spot ON NY

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“Iʼve had the pleasure of working with Jarett for nearly twenty years on a variety of projects. From Emmy Award winning shows to corporate videos, Jarett is a true creative talent. He consistently brings a unique perspective to projects and is a wonderful collaborator. He has a special gift of storytelling, poetically illustrated through his directing & editing style. Jarett is a dynamic asset to any project.”


                                                                                     — Angelina Cicala, Emmy award Winning Producer

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“Working with Jarett was easily one of top creative collaborative experiences Iʼve had in my career thus far. Jarett approached the challenge with explosive enthusiasm. His passion for telling stories, and his intuition for tapping into the core emotionality of the content, is second to none. But above all, the thing that really sets Jarett apart is his infectious sense of humor. It permeates throughout the entire set and creates an atmosphere that kicks stress right in the ass, and allows everyone to focus, and have a great time while getting the job done.”


                                                                                      — Paul Zdanowicz Chief Creative Officer Tiggly


“I hired Jarett Bellucci for a project back in 2010. Eight years later & 11 jobs, he is the only one I trust when it comes to helping define the the vision of the Real New York Tours brand. He has captured the essence of our company and has discovered aspects of what we do that we never even realized. Jarett has the creative energy of a perfect storm, the patience of a saint, the keen vision of a master without being a pretentious douchebag. In a nutshell; heʼs the real deal!


                                                                                     — Luke Miller, Owner, Real New York Tours


"Jarett Bellucci is the type of creative mind you want on your team. As a story-teller, he is able to take a creative idea and transform it into an authentic and emotional piece of art. His ability to transport the viewer into a scene has allowed our clients and brands to create a much deeper connection with their consumers. He is a true Creative Director, taking a project from conception to completion, making sure we are delivering the very best end product. He is reliable, energetic, personable and imaginative. I've worked with him for over 5 years on an array of projects ranging from sports and fitness to luxury and lifestyle. He can do it all. I look forward to working on many more projects with Jarett."

                                                                                    — Elizabeth Weiner, Senior Account Manager, MDG Advertising

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"Jarett was loved by our clients. Plus, a fun guy to have on the set." 


                                                                                    — Vanessa Levin, Creative Director


"Jarett is a goodboy"


                            — Jarett's Mom

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