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Here's what we can do for you.

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This is about you: What is your brand about?  Who are you speaking to?  What is the message you want to convey? 


This is the basic creative fuel needed to spark direction, style and messaging of your project. It helps us to understand your mission and interpret your vision for others to grasp.  It is during this phase of the process we can determine how your story would best be conveyed. 



"Jarett Bellucci is the type of creative mind you want on your team. As a story-teller, he is able to take a creative idea and transform it into an authentic and emotional piece of art. His ability to transport the viewer into a scene has allowed our clients and brands to create a much deeper connection with their consumers. He is a true Creative Director, taking a project from conception to completion, making sure we are delivering the very best end product. He is reliable, energetic, personable and imaginative. I've worked with him for over 5 years on an array of projects ranging from sports and fitness to luxury and lifestyle. He can do it all"

  — Elizabeth Weiner, MDG Advertising

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We provide the right team for your project.  Our fierce loyalty from crews, cast, producers alike is what allows us to create eye catching work for any visual medium and budget.  With over 20 years of industry experience, our relationships with top creative talent allows us to provide the best production for our clients.

Example formats:



  • Commercials  

  • Web Videos

  • Television Series


  • Feature Films

  • Corporate Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Music Videos

  • Sizzles + Promos
  • Festivals + Events

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Bellucci Productions is lead by director Jarett Bellucci, who is a regarded storytelling director among ad agencies, production companies, marketing firms, independent producers and - crucially - companies looking to define their brands.

Jarett has developed a signature style of storytelling which resonates with viewers.  He is able to capture the true essence of a brand and bring it to life on the screen.  His career spans Automotive, Technology, Education, Financial services, Sports & fitness, Food & Beverage, Health, Wellness & Beauty, Tourism, Political & Non-Profit to Home Improvement to list few.  


Jarett brings his limitless enthusiasm, sense of humor, tremendous imagination (and signature glasses!) to all projects.



"He brings everything you'd want from a director to a project - He is a powerful storyteller who knows how to tap [deeply] into the viewer's emotions to deliver the message. BUT, most important, he listens AND he's fun to work with - Hire him, you'll see." 

 — Judy Miszner,  The Village Voice​

"In all my years as head of my agency have I never worked with a better director. His ability to understand the vision and make it a reality are exceptional. He's easy going fun personality reminds us why we are in this industry in the first place."

— Mike Petersen, Founder, 50,000Feet Agency

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It’s true, you can make or break a story in the edit room.  Understanding the importance of pacing and weaving a story from the footage is a must.  Finding those moments in the performances that highlight the message, drive home a story without distractions...are what subconsciously creates a memorable & emotional experience.


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"Bellucci Productions brings a unique perspective to projects and are wonderful collaborators. They have a special gift of storytelling, poetically illustrated through their editing style. A dynamic asset to any project.”


              — Angelina Cicala, Emmy award Winning Producer

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Enhance your final project with our award winning post production team of composers, songwriters, sound designers, production sound mixers, dialogue editors, foley artists and colorists who have helped Netflix, CBS,TBS, Animal Planet, CW, Discovery Channel,Starz, HBO, Viceland, Hallmark Channel and TLC as well as at prominent film festivals such as Cannes, Dances With Films, Raindance and Newport Beach.

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Add sound effects, mood & atmosphere to the visuals. Imagine your favorite film without it? A race car that has no roaring engine as it speeds by, the faint sound of a heartbeat as the fear sets in, the sounds of juicy food as we take a bite. Did you know the stabbing sounds in the famous shower scene in PSYCHO are a knife actually stabbing a fruit? Hitchcock tried over a dozen fruits before settling on a Casaba Melon.  Complete your vision with our expert ProTools artists.

Compliment your visuals with an tailor made song that compliments the story and enhances the emotional affect on viewers. Imagine JAWS with no, well you know the rest.

Remember that scene in the Matrix that is not green? Me either. That’s because the films mood was enhanced with color grading. Take advantage of the color space today’s cameras provide to visually elevate your story to the emotional level desired.


Remember that your eyes are more forgiving than your ears.  A sock puppet movie with top notch audio is better to watch than an expensive project with horrible audio.  Be sure your sound is at the right levels for when you share your story with the world. 




A U D I O  M I X

S O C I A L  M E D I A 

Like we said earlier...who is going to know you exists if you don't tell anybody?  Great you have a video, your message is captured, now what?

Reach your audience using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and the 20 other new apps that will be created by the time you finish reading this!  


Let us help grow your business by spreading the word, sparking interest in your services or product and starting the conversation with your customers.  If you build it, they will come...wait, that was from Field of Dreams.  Still true though.


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