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Here is a selection of award winning narrative and documentary films. My debut feature Sandpaper, which won Best American Feature at the New Vision International Film Festival in Amsterdam and Official Section of the Raindance Film Festival in London. 

A documentary called Free Advice.  The Los Angeles Times called it  "Best Documentary of the year. Unique and Unforgettable."

Impossible Possible.  The true story of the only man to ever walk across the Amazon Jungle to raise awareness for cancer.

Wholly Broken the award winning Movie-Musical.


“Jarett Bellucci is an extremely talented filmmaker. I'm constantly impressed with his original ideas, his drive & ambition. To top it off, he's a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend him highly for any project."


— Vivek Tiwary, Tony Award Winning Producer  - Jagged Little Pill

S A N D P A P  E R    

Exec Producer // Co Writer // Director // Editor

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As a director, I'm always drawn to real stories. So when I heard what happened to my sister, I knew this needed to be told.


Inspired by a shocking true story, SANDPAPER is director Jarett Bellucci’s debut feature. A gorgeously shot and deeply tense battle of wills, the film delves into twisted psychologies, lurking entrapment, and legal loopholes to deliver a thrilling investigation.

A kindly carpenter works on a deck outside the house of his recently divorced employer. The work goes as planned, but the carpenter begins to exhibit some peculiar traits. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but a little off-beat. Jarett Bellucci will slowly wrench the tension from this premise, revealing these eccentricities as evidence of a complex and devious personality, one which will put the protagonist in immediate and inescapable danger.

Most immediately notable is the film’s beautiful cinematography – Aleutian Calabay and Christopher Walters capture the sylvan domesticity of the film’s setting, only to later twist this wooded paradise into an isolated, domineering prison.


The performances are also striking, particularly that of David Raizor, who plays the disturbed carpenter with nuance and depth – Howard is not a generic horror villain, but a fully-formed character whose motivations are various and conflicting. Lori Katz is excellent in the opposing role – while she is a victim of Howard’s proclivities, she nonetheless exudes a sense of determined resistance throughout. She will not be cowed so easily.  An unnerving tale of southern hospitality turned on its head.

Available on Amazon Prime.  Currently viewed over 250,000 times!

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F R E E  A D V I C E    

Director // Editor

"Best documentary of the year.  Unique and Unforgettable."

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I was hired by the producers of the film, to direct and capture the enigma of world-renowned motivational speaker Steve Maraboli.


When he's not on stage giving speeches, he's outside giving people FREE ADVICE.  We used hidden cameras around NYC

to capture his message.


World leaders, Top Athletes, Celebrities, and millions around the world seek the insight and advice of Steve Maraboli, but it’s what he does in his downtime that makes “Free Advice” an instant classic that restores hope in the human condition and re-ignites the fire within.

This unforgettable documentary follows this highly sought-after advisor and life-changing speaker as he anonymously sits on a park bench in any given city or country while holding a sign that offers, “Free Advice”.

Steve’s words have been published in 25 languages and he has been quoted in thousands of books… and you may have just walked past him.

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I M P O S S I B L E   P O S S I B L E

Producer // Editor



In 2012, after being diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer at the age of 64, Former-Israeli Special Forces Operative, Decorated Warrior and noted Survivalist Mickey Grosman made a remarkable decision. He wanted to do something extraordinary to empower those who are fighting cancer and to honor those who have been lost, especially the children.


Driven by a profound determination and a powerful sense of duty, he assembled a team of amateur adventurers crazy enough to join him and set out on what was deemed by others to be an absolutely impossible expedition. They would cross 5,000 miles on foot, through the Amazon Jungle from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean.


Not even Mickey could have calculated the personal cost of this journey. What would you risk to save others?

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G H O S T E D  M.D.


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When cardiologist, Anastasia Dimas witnesses a car accident, and later the victim's mysterious death, she is compelled to investigate, only to find out that the victim himself is also on the same mission.

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W H O L L Y  B R O K E N



I was contacted by writer & director Tom Humbert, about editing his debut feature film Wholly Broken. He was looking for an editor with a background in music videos & feature films. I fit that bill.


It's a faith based film...meets musical, so I thought...why the hell not?


Wholly Broken tells the story of Pastor Tom (Tom Humbert), a recovering alcoholic minister, picking up the pieces after losing his job as Pastor and dealing with his failed marriage to Kim (Alicia Minshew), his career driven ex-wife.


Set in the iconic Hamptons, known for the beauty of creation and the lure of temptation, Kristen (Terri Conn) a member of Pastor Tom’s parish, carries secrets of her own.  Following the stories of several other community members, the series highlights issues of today’s modern time.


With a diverse ensemble cast, featuring Emmy Award winners, Broadway stars and Grammy Award winning recording artists, this original faith-based musical about everyday life explores the struggle between the brokenness of humanity and the saving grace of God’s loving forgiveness.


Wholly Broken is available on Amazon Prime.

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Winner – Best Narrative

International Film Festival Manhattan

Official Selections

Soho International Film Festival

Garden State Film Festival

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